A HydraFacial Could Be The Solution For Brightening Your Complexion And Providing Deep Hydration

Posted on: 27 January 2020

If you're wondering what type of spa treatment that is for improving the health and appearance of your facial skin, consider a HydraFacial. This treatment is microdermabrasion combined with hydration. After just one session, you may notice clearer skin and a glowing complexion. Here are some things to expect with a HydraFacial treatment.

The Facial Is Given With A Wand Device

A HydraFacial uses a machine that has a vacuum wand attached. The dermatologist or esthetician uses the wand to pull debris out of your pores and gently remove the surface cells on your skin. The wand can also apply acids and serums depending on your skin type and the results you're looking for. The serums provide a hydrating effect that improves the appearance of your skin and that plump up fine wrinkles. The advantage of having a HydraFacial is that there is minimal discomfort and downtime, yet the facial provides noticeable effects on nearly all skin types.

The Results You Might Get From A HydraFacial

This spa treatment can be given to teens, adults, and seniors, and it can be used on sensitive skin. The microdermabrasion part of the treatment removes dark surface pigmentation and dead skin cells so you have a clear and glowing complexion. The vacuum device can help remove pimples and blackheads. A HydraFacial can also fight the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles and sun damage.

Part of the reason the treatment can help different skin conditions is because of the combination of procedures involved with the facial. You'll receive microdermabrasion, pore cleaning, and hydration all during a single treatment. A HydraFacial may be all you need, but this facial can also be combined with other skin therapies if you have a condition that needs further treatment.

The Recovery Phase Of The Treatment

Your skin will probably be red after you have a HydraFacial, but the redness goes away in a matter of hours. You may be advised to wait until the next day to apply makeup, so you might want to take off work for the afternoon after having your facial. However, your facial is customized to you and your skin type, so it's possible you can put on makeup and return to work after the short procedure. There is no downtime for recovery like there is with some other types of skin treatments.

You'll see results from your treatment right away and the results could last for weeks. The immediate results you notice make the HydraFacial an ideal treatment when you want to look your best for an important event, special date, or photo shoot. You can repeat the facial as often as your dermatologist recommends in order to maintain your glowing skin or keep acne problems under control.