Treating Common Cosmetic Issues With Dermal Fillers

Posted on: 10 March 2021

When individuals think of cosmetic procedures, they may assume that this means that they will always need to undergo major surgery or other highly disruptive procedures. While this can be an understandable assumption to have, it is not actually the case. For example, a patient will be able to choose to receive dermal fillers without the need to undergo major surgery as these fillers are applied by injection.

What Are The Conditions That Can Be Treated With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers excel at being able to smooth out uneven patches of skin in the face. Not surprisingly, this is a popular treatment option for those that are interested in lessening the effects that the aging process has had on their appearance. Additionally, these fillers can be used to help increase the size and appearance of a person's lips. To help you assess whether a dermal filler procedure will be a good solution to your needs, you can visit a dermatologist to learn more about how this can help you address the cosmetic issues that may be troubling you.

Are The Effects Of Dermal Fillers Permanent?

While dermal fillers can be used to dramatically improve your appearance, you should be mindful that these fillers will not be a permanent feature. Rather, the fillers will gradually break down, and this can lead to the results starting to fade over time. As a result of this reality, patients that have undergone these treatments will need to invest in follow-up treatments that will be able to help replenish the filler that has started to break down. Generally, these results will be able to last for several months before it becomes necessary for a follow-up session if you are wanting to continue to enjoy the benefits of the dermal fillers. For those that no longer want to use these treatments, the fillers will gradually completely break down and your appearance will return to normal.

Is The Recovery From The Dermal Filler Procedure Difficult?

Concerns about the recovery process will often be enough to cause individuals to be worried about undergoing cosmetic procedures. Luckily, this is not typically a concern that you should have when you are considering using dermal fillers. These fillers are applied using highly targeted injections. This can allow you to enjoy the benefits of this type of treatment while avoiding major disruptions to your normal routine. In addition to having a minor recovery, these procedures can also be completed fairly quickly. Depending on the number of injections that a patient is needing, it may be possible for the dermal fillers to be completed in as little as an hour.